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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 13, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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nice to be back on the ground here, cover the news, thank goodness for that. thank you for joining us all weekend we will see you tomorr tomorrow. ♪ >> melissa: a fox news alert, new york governor andrew cuomo is set to deliver our news conference at any moment now, comes out of a vague meeting ♪ with president trump at the white house later this afternoon. the two are expected to discuss their suspension from the dhs ♪ trusted traveler program amid a battle of all the states sanctuary policies. we are keeping a close eye on everything your trip needs that situation, we will bring for everyone you love. you any pertinent comments as expedia. soon as they happen. but first, eight short days after the president's acquittal in the senate, democrats calling and let me tell you something, rodeo... for attorney general william barr to resign and demanding i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage another investigation. of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. after the doj, to reduce the sentencing recommendation.
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it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, roger stone on the heels of a tweet from the president, it's helped over a million americans. testifying before congress, a reverse mortgage loan isn't some kind of trick to take your home. house speaker nancy pelosi sounding off a short time ago. it's a loan, like any other. >> this is an abuse of power that the president is trying to big difference is how you pay it back. manipulate federal find out how reverse mortgages really work with aag's free, law enforcement and the president is what he is. no-obligation reverse mortgage guide. he thinks he's above the law. eliminate monthly mortgage payments, pay bills, medical costs, and more. ag barr has deeply damaged the rule of law, by withdrawing the call now and get your free info kit. doj sentencing recommendation, other mortgages are paid each month, but with a reverse mortgage, interference -- >> harris: president trump unapologetically defending his action. and pay it off in one lump sum when you leave your home. >> he was treated very badly. nine years recommended by people aag's free, that perhaps -- there were more no-obligation reverse mortgage loan guide. people. i want to thank the justice department for seeing this horrible thing, and i didn't speak to them, by the way, just ayou've probably been investingn in your home for years... so you understand, they saw the making monthly mortgage payments...
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doing the right thing... horribleness of a nine year and it's become your family's heart and soul... sentence for doing nothing. >> harris: thi>> melissa: this t well, that investment can give you tax-free cash just when you need it. new concerns of bias in the learn how homeowners are strategically using case. democratic activism and the string of anti-trump a reverse mortgage loan to cover expenses, pay for healthcare, social media post, stone's team says reviewing the newly preserve your portfolio, and so much more. reported information of the look, reverse mortgages aren't for everyone but i think president still hasn't ruled out the possibility of a pardon. this is "outnumbered" and i i've been 'round long enough to know what's what. melissa francis here today. i'm proud to be a part of aag, i trust 'em, lisa boothe, syndicated radio host and fox news channel i think you can too. contributor leslie marshall. and in the center seat today, trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. so you can... retire better. opinion editor for "the washington times" and a fox news contributor. the amazing thing about this story is it isn't about a sentencing recommendation, they don't have the power -- the it's not getting in my way.? i had enough! judge is going to decide what he joint pain, swelling, tenderness... or she is going to decide, it's ...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... just a recommendation. cosentyx works on all of this. four years and counting.
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>> charlie: i don't know what so watch out. nancy pelosi is talking about, i i got this! haven't known what she's talking about for some time now. watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis the idea that president trump are feeling real relief with cosentyx. isn't allowed to have a public opinion about some thing like this and thirdly, from the cosentyx is a different kind of targeted biologic. it treats the multiple symptoms of psoriatic beginning this has been a arthritis to help you look and feel better. political prosecution, the only it even helps stop further joint damage. reason roger stone was indicted don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. is because of his involvement before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. with president trump. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability... that is by definition a fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory political prosecution. i don't dispute that. bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen... ...or if you've had a vaccine, or plan to. just like paul manafort but the bottom line is, if it hadn't serious allergic reactions may occur. been for their involvement, i just look and feel better. i got real relief with cosentyx. someone who got involved in politics and wound up winning watch me! the presidency -- feel real relief. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> melissa: i never understand that point, though. >> charlie: that's fine but we don't use prosecution to go after political enemies. i was uncomfortable when the fbi >> melissa: joe biden for up was investigating promising his supporters he is still fighting for the hillary clinton in the middle of
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democratic nomination. her campaign because i don't like investigations of political one major fund-raiser telling figures while they are running for office. cnbc, "even if we stay active >> melissa: did everyone see that? for the next two races after go ahead, make your point. another big loss, i have suspect the remaining air will leak out >> leslie: look, to your of the balloon before super point, melissa, my problem here tuesday." meanwhile, some capitol hill democrats are part of the is, can we even come to an scrambling to find a centrist agreement that may be the sentencing recommendation was alternative who can topple both bernie sanders and president trump and getting a harsh or strong, possibly, but new look to michael bloomberg. that does not negate what he did, it doesn't mean he didn't i'm going to come to you first because this is what i was do wrong and even if the trying to point out, when is the attorney general william barr was acting with integrity, the last time you heard him say something compelling from his president's action seemed to be own mouth? over the line with his tweets and his comments and the timing not in attic, not -- actually, of it i think honestly makes the this is the problem is he attorney general look like his political lapdog even if he sounds -- i haven't heard him is -- has integrity. put together a good argument. >> leslie: i disagree with that, not just in debates but >> charlie: it's not like he the teamsters democratic caucus, grounded his plane on a tarmac and put pressure on him, he not really a caucus, a forum. didn't do that, he publicly when he was there, when he is in
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said, i give them a lot of leeway, the president has a a room and tells stories about voice. growing up in union blue-collar he can use it, a public household, that i saw that audience connect with him. there weren't the dash there statement, that's the political discussion, political question. that's great. wasn't a question, is it >> leslie: you think the dementia, he clearly when he starts to stutter, takes a president should weigh in on the sentencing? >> charlie: i have no problem with it. the president needs to focus on moment not to stutter and i think it's off-track for a getting reelected but after the election i think he absolutely should pardon everybody that has second because he so focused on not stuttering and i was this been caught up in this political close to him so i saw this with witch hunt. my own eyes, on two or three absurd. occasions -- >> harris: i've had other people say they've been with him >> melissa: let's let andy mccarthy way in, go ahead. and that's what -- melissa asked and i'm curious, how long ago was that. >> pardon them, take the weight for age, the president has a >> leslie: this was in very strong argument about the nature of the investigation november? >> harris: in the last six against him. i don't know how much political months. weight he'd actually have to bear but it would be much better if he stepped up to the plate >> melissa: one of the and took the weight for doing questions is has he lost a step, is this the same joe biden you that rather than appear like he see on the campaign trail? is trying to pressure the justice department.
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>> lisa: he has two failed presidential bids but to put in >> harris: i just want to say context how bad it is, you know that i didn't understand why the what kind of institutional president didn't just pardon roger stone or anybody else that is interested in doing -- ease advantage is? access to huge donors, name i.d. messing the pot up, stirring it. that someone like an obscure so that is one point that i mayor from an indiana town would make. i just have a question about why. doesn't have. i've a question for you, fourth place in iowa, fifth place in new hampshire, that is charlie, you said don't investigate people and they are running for office. what would you do with the terrible, he is a terrible candidate, he will not be the democratic nominee, he should bidens? bow out. >> charlie: i have to call minds about it, it's complicat >> melissa: do you think he's going to be the nominee? complicated. >> harris: that would mean >> charlie>> leslie: i don't kn. that you would want for one and not for the other. what does he do, super tuesday >> charlie: i am always -- i is going to make or break -- was uncomfortable having the fbi >> melissa: that makes sense but another thing i've noticed along the way, the people who weigh in -- >> harris: that's not exactly have the knives out for him seem a current example. to be from the obama campaign. >> lisa: i want to get in do we have the sound bite? here. this is the dumbest argument and conversation of all time, all
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it's a quote from former obama the doj is saying is that the campaign advisor. 7-9 years is typically for armed "if the more pragmatic robbery, not nonviolent offenses candidates do not consolidate in and ultimately i it's up for the the weeks ahead, especially those hanging by a thread in the court to decide what the single digits, sanders has a sentencing will ultimately be. real chance of winning the they're not even saying, roger stone didn't do anything wrong, nomination." this is from the obama camp. they are just saying -- >> harris: then why are we it's more likely bernie sanders. having this argument? >> lisa: it's stupid and this is the world we live in today. >> charlie: i've covered the also, the height of hypocrisy is guy for 20 years on judiciary chuck schumer writing to the committee and he's always been inspector general saying that terrible, set really stupid the federal government needs to be impartial. things. fisa report where the federal government 17 times had errors and omissions all going in the only in washington what a guy direction of hurting who is that bad at politics president trump, an attorney for service to the top but i've always thought the bar is so low the fbi literally dr. dan email right now in the democratic party, to be the foil to to her carter page so the idea bernie sanders. literally a yellow dog would be that the federal government or federal law enforcement has suitable for democrats to get exercised impartiality -- behind in order to stop >> melissa: as long as we are bernie sanders to get the nomination so i was thinking, doing what about i whataboutisms maybe joe biden is the guy, maybe he can corral enough of the opposition, they will stop
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do something from cnn. >> let me take our viewers back bernie at all costs just like they did last time and i think you're going to try to do it to a tarmac in 2016, republicans this time, that's why bernie is doing what he's doing, with lost their minds when encouragement from the democratic establishment but bill clinton, former president bill clinton met with biden is -- i think, no, i would ag loretta lynch, remember that? you laugh but people went bananas over that and yet not, i would never, you cannot nothing to adhere? how is this not total and complete hypocrisy? overstate what democratic establishment officials would do >> melissa: to make the to deny bernie sanders, he is an opposite point, proving everyone existential threat, they don't is a hypocrite, all parties, care about losing -- everybody, it's all political. >> charlie: the other thing to >> harris: i got into a pretty heated conversation with the d remember about roger stone, there's a difference between what roger stone is convicted of and what paul manafort or michael cohen or hillary clinton dnc. she was very upset when i said is that they were accused of actual crimes that were he's a democratic socialist. she said no, we had him sign a piece of paper and he is going voluntary -- roger stone's to be a democrat if he gets the charges stem from a year's worth nomination and i said, he's been who he is, he says he's -- he long failed political pursuit of the president in which none of says he's a socialist, why do the underlying crimes were
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you not believe bernie sanders? found. in any other sort of case -- he's one of the most passionate people on the trail. >> charlie: that's why they >> harris: with the exception are so terrified of him, he will of the allegation of witness not do what they tell him to do, tampering. if they take a look at the case, they are more afraid -- they they will decide whether or not would rather lose an election then lose their grip -- that actually happened. >> leslie: you are talking about my people here and you're we had to wait the sea. wrong. are there some concerns? absolutely but it's more of -- all of this is completely it's almost an even split in the avoidable. party, when you look at some there's nothing wrong with that, things, back in 2016 were presidents pardon people all the outrageously far left, they are now not just mainstream, they time. also, big mistake are the majority of people in from roger stone but that's the united states, medicare for important to look at. a s.w.a.t. team showed up at his all, some type of house and somehow cnn had the exclusive for that, hello. government-sponsored program, that's why pete buttigieg does i just think this is an so well with medicare for all. >> melissa: they change their absolutely absurd -- people are mind on the survey. jumping over the scum of the >> leslie: people that can't filing, the amendment was filed before president trump even afford insurance and people who think obamacare is going to be tweeted, there is no evidence taken from them, they want that there was any sort of coordination whatsoever. something. attorney general is the chief
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>> lisa: 180 million americans lose their private health law enforcement officer. insurance. you want to talk about the >> melissa: can either one idea out there? impact of taking something away, do we think the president some only bernie sanders, tweeted not to get the sentence reduced but to bring attention democrats gave up 63 seats and get us focused on this to because americans are terrified trick democrats into saying they of obamacare. are going to impeach someone that's exactly what medicare for all would do, americans losing again and show his entire base their private health insurance. that washington goes after his >> leslie: i am not a fan and people? >> harris: i don't think we i've spoken about it. need -- i think we need another flashlight on that dark corner, >> melissa: elizabeth warren we already know what they are citing an example of her interested in doing. grassroots support but what she said is triggering quite a lot of blowback. are you better off than you were four years ago? >> charlie: if we weren't talking about this right now, what will we be talking about by that question made famous by the disaster the democrats -- ronald reagan, new numbers that could be a boost for >> melissa: we are going to president trump. >> our country has never done talk about that next. better militarily, rebuild our 2020 democrat michael bloomberg military, cut our taxes, cut under fire and this time after regulations, nobody's ever been able to cut and our country is newly resurfaced remarks from the 2008 housing crisis, being doing great. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? called racially insensitive. details on that ahead. ♪ prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended
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>> i can tell you the thing that's changed from my standpoint, the number one economy in the world by far, we've never done better, we have the strongest markets we've ever had. >> melissa: president trump touting the strength of the u.s. economy, seems like most americans would agree to him. a factor that could help boost the president's reelection bid, a new gallup poll reveals that >> harris: fox news alert, 2020 democrat michael bloomberg facing new controversy had again 61% better off rating is the highest percentage reported over his remarks caught on tape, this time from 2008. during the reelection year of the then new york city any incumbent president since gallup first started asking the mayor blamed the elimination of discriminatory housing practices question in surveys back in for triggering the market 1992. prices. >> it probably all started back the president now has a really positive message, things are when there was a lot of pressure on banks to make loans to going great, america is great, join the party. democrats have to counter that with no, everything is awful. everyone. redlining if you remember was the term, banks took whole people naturally want to join the party. neighborhoods and said people in >> harris: it's the these neighborhoods are poor, president's advantage to stay on they're not going to be able to
9:16 am
pay off their mortgages, tell that message, the more he goes out into the public and stays on your salesman don't go into that message, the harder it will those areas and congress get be for democrats counter involved. local elected officials as well and said that's not fair, these program, there counter programming is fails failures in people should be able to get iowa, they want to relitigate credit and once you started that at the behest of the pete pushing in that direction banks started making more and more loans where the credit of the buttigieg and bernie sanders campaign. who saw it coming in person buying the house wasn't new hampshire, top three particularly with amy klobuchar. as good as you would like. >> harris: meanwhile, they have a lot going on that's cooking, none of ithen bloomberg, while not apologizing for his other controversial you look at 219, 220 years in comments sounded optimistic that this country they are really hard to beat incumbents with his support among african-american voters will go untarnished. strong economies, they are just he previously apologized for backing the policy in the first hard to beat. rarely do they lose. place, a move that new york post columnist miranda devine will come back to haunt him. >> charlie: the iowa caucus, >> how to the voters know if you democratic participation, 65,000 can actually go toe-to-toe from their record in 2008. against donald trump if he won't if so, over 200,000 short of even go toe-to-toe against his what they were expecting. fellow democrats? they would never do what michael
9:17 am
bloomberg has done and in new hampshire, bernie sanders apologized for his greatest achievement as mayor in new york lost 80,000 votes in the primary for 12 years, he drove the crime this week from the primary four rate down from what rudy years ago and i can't help but giuliani had done. part of that where policies like think that the socialist democrat, the most famous stop and frisk. >> harris: how big of a socialist democrat we've had in problem is this for michael america, if he's not losing bloomberg? >> i think it's a real problem, support, partially because the economy is on fire. he's basically having to backpedal from something you know what, this remarketing he said that it is demonstrably is working out pretty well, i'm true. >> harris: why not just own i doing better than i did four years ago. it? >> charlie: i have no idea, it >> melissa: what about that, makes no sense. leslie, any incumbent but it's such a short term thing. especially this president, the why doesn't anybody in the message like the rally is very democratic party own the dash excited, very happy, everything for example, the obama legacy, is going great and the party trying to get back into power they are all running away from has to convince people that it. i don't like it, i really don't. everything is bad and awful and that's hard to do right now. for years, i know this is what >> leslie: it's not just he believes, he's not racist, he democrats, they are angry, the number one reason, they wanted
9:18 am
somebody who could beat trump. actually believes that stop and frisk saved black lives and he's another reason -- bernie lost a argued that for years and now lot of people because in 2016 he's apologizing for saving there were two of them and now black lives. i don't know where this guy is there's a larger field. what democrats need to do, they coming from. can't argue against the economy. it's the way you spoke about we've seen it happen once before in recent years. these kids that is so disturbing about that. >> harris: did you call the campaign to tell them that? against the wall, i think it is -- if he winds up buying this >> leslie: in 1992 when the economy was good, bill clinton ran against george w. bus georg. nomination to save the party from bernie sanders, man, democrats are screwed. democrats need to strongly run >> melissa: when he says this was this redlining, during the on health care, the number one concern among voters. financial crisis when they went >> harris: that's when they were ushered into in midterm. in, they called it predatory lending, saying they were going in and making loans to people who couldn't pay them off. >> leslie: republicans don't have a viable alternative. >> harris: don't worry about that, it worry about yourself, we haven't heard from democrats let the banks were creditors, that's -- now that's good, on 2018. predatory lending and the thing, the real problem with this and
9:19 am
this is the bottom line is we th>> leslie: when we have a don't know who michael bloomberg nominee you will hear more of is, is he the guy who ran new york who set all those kind the issues. of things and was for stop and >> melissa: elected on health care and it bites them in frisk or is he this new guy, the the next election when they haven't fixed it, they always say it's broken, i'm going to lifelong democrat or the fix it, they get in and they republican he became? is he pro-business or for don't. >> lisa: depends on who the raising everyone's taxes, was he democrat nominee is again. lying then or is he lying now? if you have someone like bernie sanders you lose the >> harris: it's an interesting question, i always believe -- argument on medicare for all but in order to defeat an incumbent. the fact that he wants to go back and cleanup on aisle seven over and over again, i can spend >> harris: especially from all afternoon finding videos elizabeth warren. >> lisa: that will up as well if he becomes the nominee. from news conferences, where he to defeat an incumbent you have called it, stop and frisk, you to convince americans that needs to be changed and if that large can talk with them -- all of it of a percentage feel they are whether you like the policy or better off, 63% of americans you didn't was really consistent for over a decade. believe in this president's economy which is the highest it's been into codecades, it is as melissa is pointing out, do really hard to convince you believe all those years? americans that there needs to be changed, that is going to be the challenge for democrats, >> there is a video that president trump will probably win reelection.
9:20 am
resurfaced in 2019. >> melissa: especially when the outrage factor has worn out demonizing those segments of the for a lot of people in the middle. community, there's two huge problems for michael bloomberg care, if people are pulling back there tweeting -- >> harris: one fifth, 16 of from joe biden in the the economy, you can have a democratic party and saying they great economy if you have an now are looking to bloomberg answer back on this issue, you because he could potentially be probably can get people's attention but when you are to trump. the problem is, where is the fighting on a stage over who can difference between michael spend more money, 10 trillion, bloomberg and donald trump on stop and frisk and racial $30 trillion on a medicare for all stage, i don't know if that comments? gets it. this is something, democrats are pointing the finger at >> leslie: the country has donald trump for and you have somebody that might possibly be become more fiscally the democratic candidate in the conservative but more liberal on future, that is problematic and social issues. we talk about this yesterday, >> melissa: the president michael bloomberg, i'm warning the revolution will show interested to see what the polls will show. weakness. >> harris: what do you think ♪ about that? >> lisa: to the question about i have huge money saving news for veterans. authenticity, bernie sanders is mortgage rates just dropped to near 50-year lows. really the only one who states his agenda and firmly stands behind it without apology, one call to newday usa can save you $2,000 every year. everyone else sort of backtracked on policy, among the and once you refinance, the savings are automatic. democrats and president trump is sort of similar. thanks to your va streamline refi benefit,
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then bloomberg up on twitter, we know many of the same people in new york behind your back, they laugh at you and call you carnival barking clown, they know you inherited a fortune and squandered it with stupid deals and incompetence. i have the record and resources to beat you and i will. >> charlie: i have no evidence of this but there is no doubt in my mind -- what i'm about to say, i have no evidence of this but it's a hunch, i know for a fact that president trump sends his own tweets. that's why xfinity mobile lets you design your own data. you can share 1, 3, or 10 gigs of data between lines, >> lisa: i don't think mike bloomberg wrote that tweet. mix in lines of unlimited, and switch it up at any time. all with millions of secure wifi hotspots >> charlie: lisa is exactly right, the second he has to and the best lte everywhere else. interact with voters or the it's a different kind of wireless network, designed to save you money. president, all bets are off and switch and save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. he is terrible at that. >> melissa: when he announced and save even more when you say "bring my own phone" his candidacy on local radio, into your voice remote. that's simple, easy, awesome. they were making jokes, going click, call or visit a store today. back to those three hours of dead air press conferences where he would sit there and talk
9:23 am
forever and ever. >> harris: they are all on youtube. >> charlie: he won't get a picture with people, whatever. >> harris: talking about authenticity and it got complicated. new followed inside the biden campaign, some donors are reportedly panicking after his new hampshire primary flop and capitol hill democrats are reviewing their alternatives that they might consider with south carolina, will that be biden's last stand? ♪ alexa, tell me about neptune's sorrow. it's a masterstroke of heartache and redemption. the lexus nx. modern utility for modern obstacles. lease the 2020 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months.
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>> harris: breaking news coming up that we are watching as we await a vote in the senate in the next hour on a resolution restricting president trump's war powers when it comes to iran. the measure is expected to pass with bipartisan support before heading to the house but neither chamber is expected to get a super majority to override a veto. republican senator cory gardner criticizing the measure.
9:25 am
>> today's resolution will make the united states appear weekend divided should it succeed, that is not a recipe for defending the american people from terrorists. >> harris: g.o.p. senator mike lee says congress needs to reassert its authority. >> the last thing we need is another aimless protracted conflict in the middle east and the other last thing we need is to have such a conflict occur without congress even authorizing it. >> harris: charlie hurt. >> charlie: this is why for so long, we let politics and at the waters edge. this is insane. >> harris: is this still the answer? >> charlie: it's not, it's the opposite of the answer. the answer ought to be that if we are going to go to war you have to go to congress. >> harris: i thought that's what it was. >> charlie: it is proactively telling the president that he can't go to war with iran which
9:26 am
has no meaning whatsoever. what it means is he simply loses that ability to negotiate with iran, having them live in terror that he could rain a bunch of bombs on them, i have no problem with the president threatening iran, i'm going to bomb you to death if you make a nuclear bomb. my concern is i don't want to go to war by threatening them, i don't have a problem with that. >> harris: the way you describe it already, you have to go through -- >> charlie: it's an attempt to reverse that and my argument all along has always been, you have to go to congress anyway to go to war. in this idea that you're going to say, we're going to be able to go anywhere around the world in pursuit of terrorists is insane and i do think that should probably -- >> harris: you talk about leaving politics at the water's edge, that's hard to do in an
9:27 am
election year, some key swing states were surveyed on this topic, look at the number of them who support president trump authorizing that strike that killed iranian general soleimani as an example. 51.7% for ohio, about that much for florida, still 50% for michigan. >> charlie: that was taking out a war criminal. >> lisa: he's not trying to get us into a long, protracted war, all he did was take out a terrorist that's responsible for killing hundreds of americans and would likely kill additional americans if he was able to but now he's dead, thankfully. also, president trump has been really careful, he's gone in and shown these big shows of military force but he's not entangled us into these long engagement so i think he's been really thoughtful and smart
9:28 am
about these strong strategic -- >> melissa: guys, could you work on health care a little bit there? can you just -- a little show of hands, anyone got any ideas? >> harris: really quickly, a bipartisan vote but not enough to override a veto by the president, likely that he might veto a measure that would shorten or narrow his authority here. >> leslie: having some bipartisan support shows to be a symbolic gesture of his foreign policy specifically, even though he may veto it, it was important for those left and right to get that message out. >> harris: we will move on, the backlash after elizabeth warren said he broke college student gave her have her savings. the intense reaction and whether this is another misfire from that candidate.
9:29 am
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>> a young woman came up by herself and she said i'm a broke college student with a lot of student loan debt. and she said, i checked and i have $6 and the bank. so i gave $3 to keep you in this fight. that's what we have to do. we have to stay in this fight with people who are counting on us. >> yikes. elizabeth warren trying to talk her grassroots support in the face of her losses in new hampshire and iowa revealing that even a broke college student gave her three of her last $6. that got some scathing blowback on twitter including derek hunter who tweeted" you are a billionaire. why are you taking $3 from someone who only has $6? what kind of monster are you? others questioned whether warren
9:34 am
was even telling the truth about it. >> that's exactly where i was. i was like why are we assuming this story is true? this is such a -- it's not a believable story in any way. >> i totally disagree. i think it's the only true thing she's ever said to because it's a perfect encapsulation of all of her promises. the government will give you free health care. the government will pay for your college tuition. no it's not. she will take half of your money and leave you completely in debt and you still won't have health care. >> so we all saw the voter exchange with elizabeth warren where that man came up to her and said, i've worked so hard to be able to pay for my daughter to go to college. i worked hard, am i going to get my money back? why am i come someone who made the right decision, having to bail out someone who made the wrong decision? >> well i didn't appreciate her decision. now i want to talk to this.
9:35 am
first of all if somebody goes online and makes a contribution, do you think they can go back through your bank account and said, you had six and you gave us three? >> she should have given it ba back. what i'm saying is -- and not at all, my earring just fell down. i'm just going to cough it up to -- unless you grandfather people in, when there are changes to that that basically demonstrated to her what her presidency would be like. he promised her everything. and she took have her money. >> you are right.
9:36 am
the point was, this is important to this college student that out of the six, she gave her three, it doesn't help her to say, i'm not giving the money back. >> i can't wait until we meet this college student who did this. >> we will see if she is related to her. anyway, thanks to everyone on the couch, here's harris. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. a growing firestorm ahead of the upcoming prison sentencing of former trump advisor roger stone. you are watching "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. questions let me now about juror bias in the roger stone trial. after it was revealed that jerry four-person posted anti-trump comments on social media. the judge also denied a request to strike a potential juror who had worked in the obama administration. fox news also learning another juror donated to former 2020
9:37 am
democrat beto o'rourke. meanwhile president trump would not
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